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Pay court fines, restitution, or attorney fees

Report police contact (RST clients only) 

Request a travel permit (RST clients only) 

Update address and/or employment (RST clients only) 

RST Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals are assigned to the Reduced Supervision Team (RST) when they have been assessed as low risk to re-offend. RST's focus is tracking supervision to completion, monitoring for new criminal activity, and responding to supervision violations. An individual assigned to RST is not normally required to see a Parole-Probation Officer (PPO), but they must report any changes to address or employment, report any arrests, receive permission for out-of-state travel, and complete their probation supervision conditions. 

Contact RST

You were assigned a field office at intake. Typically, you are assigned based on address. If you live West of Cesar E. Chavez Blvd., you are assigned to the West office. If you live East of Cesar E. Chavez Blvd., you are assigned to the East office. 

*NOTE: You will not be moved to a different office if your address changes. Select the office assigned to you at intake even if your address has changed since starting supervision