Mobility is about access.

We design the best anywhere/anytime solutions to meet the needs of:

  • Employees who want secure access to information and services
  • Residents who want secure access to government information and services.

Our mobile strategy targets three tracks:

Public Services

We create anywhere/anytime applications and expose data for public benefit. Residents connect with county services through mobile apps, responsive websites, and e-commerce.

We also work behind the scenes by partnering with colleagues like the Rockwood Library on the Rockwood Makerspace, a project that builds community through technology.  

Strategy and Standards

We incorporate mobility into our current projects to make government more efficient and more transparent, and to make the most of mobile capabilities. We are exploring new frameworks like node.js, and working through the legal and technological considerations of digital signatures.

Employee Services

We deliver projects and initiatives that allow employees to be more effective.  We put devices and applications in the hands of employees so they can spend more time in the field working directly with the public.

Our future

For many people in our  community, mobile is the preferred or only way to get online. Multnomah County has a unique opportunity to use technology to benefits all residents.