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Student health action councils (SHACs) are student-led groups affiliated with Multnomah County’s student health centers.

We are teens who care about making schools and communities a healthier place. We work on projects that promote health and advise student health centers about student health issues.


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"My Youth Action Council has taught me how to take responsibility for my community." - YAC Student
SHACs meet weekly before or after school, or at lunch. We’re totally flexible and try to work around as many schedules as possible.

You’ll have fun meeting new people, building skills and connections and helping your community.

Past Projects

  • Making de-stress kits for fellow students
  • Card-making for local children's hospitals
  • Baked goods and PPE donations to homeless youth
  • SHAC Talks featuring PSU professors, TEDx Talks speakers and other experts 
  • Park clean-ups

Field Trips

  • Awareness Day - We travel to Salem each year to talk to legislators about the importance of our student health centers.
  • Statewide SHAC retreat

student holding Youth Action Council at Jefferson High SchoolJoin Your School's SHAC!

SHACs are a safe space for everyone. We welcome all students from all backgrounds. Join anytime!

  • Centennial
  • Cleveland 
  • David Douglas
  • Franklin
  • Jefferson
  • McDaniel
  • Parkrose
  • Reynolds 
  • Roosevelt

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Nicole Mayer, Program Coordinator,