At Student Health Centers, you will get:

  • Private care and treatment
  • Respect from all staff
  • Choices about your care and treatment
  • Information you can understand

Your responsibilities

  • Show up on time for appointments
  • Contact the clinic if you need to cancel your appointment
  • Be sure you understand how to take any medications
  • Tell us before you stop taking any medications or are having problems
  • Ask us any questions about anything you do not understand

Confidentiality and consent

Your privacy and safety are important to us. In general, adolescents have a right to privacy regarding some health information. If there is a safety concern, privacy cannot be maintained when you are less than 18 years of age or when we are required to report by law.

Our staff work with youth of all ages to involve parents/guardians in their care.

Oregon state law allows:

  • Persons 15 years and older to receive general medical service.
  • Persons 14 years and older to initially receive mental health services which includes drug and alcohol screening and treatment.
  • There is no age of consent for reproductive health and sexually transmitted disease services.
  • Healthcare providers to involve parents/guardians based on clinical judgment regardless of the age of consent.

Student Satisfaction Survey

smiley faces on a notepad

To give you the best health care, we need your opinion!

Students between the ages of 12 and 19 who visit a student health center may be asked to complete an anonymous survey after their visit.

The survey asks about your satisfaction and experience at the center. It also asks some general questions about your physical and mental health.

You can refuse to take the survey. This will not affect your ability to get care from us.

To request a copy of the survey or for other questions, contact the Oregon School-Based Health Centers program at