July 2012

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This procurement sought to programatic qualifications from proposers capable of providing licensed healthcare personnel to  on an on call and/or permanent placement basis to meet the Health Department's needs.

Sustainability questions used:

1. Please demonstrate your firm’s commitment to sustainable business practices, which could include, but is not limited to a formal sustainability program or policy; recycling measures; energy conservation plans; or green cleaning policies. Please provide metrics, details and include copies
of reports, policies or plans.

2. Describe in detail your firm’s business practices as they relate to: 

  • Customer Service in working with diverse communities and incarcerated individuals.
  • Respectful communication with diverse communities and incarcerated individuals, and

Describe how your firm incorporates customer service and communication
skills into the responsibilities of recruited candidates

3. Describe in detail your Cultural Competency and diversity training and expectations of recruited candidates that will be working with diverse populations to ensure program values and goals are met.