September 2010

View entire RFP: Corrections Food Services for Multnomah County's Sheriffs Office

: This procurement was for provision of all procurement, preparation, serving, clearing and cleaning associated with food service in Sheriff's Office facilities.  It included questions around local food, food certifications, waste reduction, and greenhouse gas reduction.

3.5.4 Sustainability (40 Points Possible)

The Proposer must present a sustainability plan detailing (1) the amount and dollar value of local food items expected to be procured under this contract, including a list of local food suppliers and notation whether the supplier is Food Alliance certified, certified organic, etc. ; and (2) a strategy for reducing overall waste during execution of this contract, including the use of composting and recycling and the selection of durable, recyclable or compostable food service items; and (3) a strategy for minimizing overall greenhouse gas emissions during execution of this contract.

Provide a list of all supplies, including green products that will be used on this contract, specify brand-name of each supply item including the manufacturer. Describe the products purpose or use and if its use supports the goals of using sustainable cleaning products and materials and reducing waste. Include information showing that the product contains less toxic material, minimizes waste, item or container/packaging contains recycled content, or conserves energy or water. (i.e. EnvirOx, H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 is a multi-purpose cleaner that is EPA registered as a sanitizer and is Green Seal GS-37 certified, concentrate reduces disposal of individual containers.)

Evaluation Criteria: Meets the minimum criteria established as well as commitment to purchase locally produced, sustainable products.