Economic Impacts

We want our procurement of good and services to be an empowering impact on communities who face the most inequities. Outcomes will demonstrate how individuals are able to contribute and fully participate in our communities. We are concerned with our economy and how our contracting can have a positive effect on how our wealth is created and distributed.

  • Job creation for the local community,
  • Fair Dealings,
  • No patent misuse,
  • No corruption (bribery, extortion),
  • Transparency of information,
  • Use of local suppliers,
  • Investment in research for innovation,
  • No Monopoly (seller collusion),
  • No Monopsony (buyer collusion),
  • Product tying,
  • Price fixing,
  • Open competition,
  • No Conflicts of Interest,
  • Determining whether to set the procurement aside for small business concerns.
  • Service delivery that provides economic impacts,
  • Improving economic impacts by using sustainable innovations that are culturally responsive and pay particular attention to the community members who face the most inequities,
  • Pay livable wages,
  • Product performance and quality,
  • Quality improvement of business practices, 
  • Leveraging buying power and,
  • Impact on staff time and labor, among others.

Multnomah County Resources and Tools

Other Recommend Resources

If you need further assistance in finding additional relevant resources please contact our Sustainable Purchasing Coordinator