PCRB rule 46-0320 provides detail surrounding the preference the County can give when purchasing goods made from recycled content. The applicable conditions include:

  • The recycled product is available; and
  • It meets applicable standards; and
  • It can be substituted for a comparable non-recycled product; and
  • The cost of the recycled product does not exceed the cost of the non-recycled product by more than five percent; or
  • If the product is recycled paper, the cost does not exceed the cost of non-recycled paper by more than 15 percent.

The rule also describes definitions related to recycled products. To read all of the approximately two pages on this rule, follow this link or go to MINT>Purchasing Home page>Rules, tools and training>PCRB.

Using recycled materials reduces the need for raw materials, such as bauxite for aluminum, trees for paper products, or petroleum for plastics.  The raw materials required to make many of the products we use often come from environmentally sensitive areas. 

As well, purchasing goods made from recycled content reduces the impacts from the processes associated with raw material extraction, such as water consumption and pollution, soil and land degradation, and energy consumption. 

Increasing the demand for recycled content also supports businesses that produce items with recycled content as well as businesses that collect and process recycled materials.

In the work place, paper is an obvious target for conservation. Basics surrounding paper conservation at the County are:

  • All printing, office stationary and other paper products used by the County should contain the highest value of post consumer waste where feasible. 
  • All County Departments have adopted internal paper policies, most of which require the use of 100% post consumer recycled content paper. 
  • Copiers and printers shall be compatible with the use of recycled content and remanufactured products.  County printing contracts should specify recycled content paper.
  • Copiers and printers default to duplex printing.

Things to look for:

  • Products that are easily recycled at County facilities.
  • Recycled content, 100 percent preferred.
  • Post consumer waste content.
  • Goods made from recycled materials beyond paper: toner cartridges, fabrics, furniture, construction and road materials, paints, and more.

Things to avoid:

  • Low/no recycled content
  • Virgin, raw materials

For more information:

  • County employees can view an excellent internal recycling web site by going to MINT>MINT Resources (right hand column)>Recycling.
  • The Metro web site has extensive information on recycling in our region. Go to www.oregonmetro.gov and click on Garbage and Recycling on the left hand navigation.