January 2012

View entire RFP Sheriff's Office Automated Law Library System

This procurement was for the purchase of an Automated Law Library System consisting of Kiosk hardware devices programmed and maintained with a subscription for updateable Legal Content. Services are intended to assist Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and the County Jail Inmate Population.

Sustainability Questions Used (additional sustainability reference on page 7):

  1. Describe if any components of the Kiosk Hardware may be made from recycled parts or in a more environmentally friendly manner than what is the current environmental standard. List any current environmental certification standards that are either met and/or exceeded by the proposed system.
  2.  What Parts on the unit can be recycled? Name the parts and/or material that it is made from and any potential considerations for future recycling purposes, if applicable.
  3. Describe in specific detail, how the services being proposed aid in the elimination of waste by utilizing electronic processes or technological solutions on a per unit basis.


The Proposer—

  • Describes whether or not the Kiosk hardware is made from recycled parts indicating knowledge and benefit of the environmental impacts of equipment and lists any environmental certification at or above current standards.
  • Describes any future equipment recycling considerations, if applicable.
  • Describes further explanation of the benefit in eliminating waste related to previous methods to provide the law materials.