September 2013

View thw entire RFP On-Site R-Ray Services

The purpose of this procurement is for Multnomah County Corrections Health (MCCH) to secure a Contractor to provide on-site x-ray services at three Corrections Health Facilities: Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC), Multnomah County Inverness
Jail (MCIJ) and Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Home (JDH). 

Sustainability Questions Used:

1. Please demonstrate how your firm will provide the goods and services identified in the scope of
services in a sustainable manner. What measures will you take to minimize impacts to the
environment in the delivery of your goods and services? This may include but is not limited to the
a. Energy efficiency standards, certifications, or other information that would apply to the
equipment this is used to complete the work
b. Transportation and fuel efficiency
c. Third party certified green materials and supplies
d. Waste disposal
Please provide specific examples, metrics, details of efforts, practices, and/or processes. 

2. Sustainability Innovations – Going above and beyond industry best practices, what sustainability
innovations does your firm have to offer in the delivery of goods and services? How do these
sustainability innovations go above and beyond industry best practices? Please provide specific
metrics, details, and practices.

3. Please demonstrate your business’s or organization’s sustainable business practices, which could
include, but are not limited to a formal sustainability program and/or policies covering recycling
measures; energy conservation plans; water conservation policies; and a green cleaning policy.
Please provide specific examples, metrics, and details of practices and include copies of reports,
policies or plans if available.

4. Provide descriptions of analysis, process changes or product changes you have undertaken or are
undertaking to identify and/or reduce human health impacts and exposure to toxics in your service.
What means and methods have you used in the past and/or will you use?? Provide specific examples,
metrics, details of efforts, practices, and/or processes.