Waste reduction and management-is a resource conservation process where we try to first avoid waste, then reduce waste, reuse waste, recycle waste, recover waste and if we have to dispose of waste we do so with environmental considerations. Even in personal services there are ways to reduce waste in the delivery of services that positively impact the community. 

A few Examples:

  • When ordering supplies order ask your supplier to use less packaging. 
  • When your organization has deemed equipment no longer useful for business needs think about donating that item for positive community impacts. 
  • Avoid using trash when possible and recycle every item you potentially can by seeking new recycling streams. If you need assistance with finding new streams Metro has a great resources for you. http://www.oregonmetro.gov/tools-living/garbage-and-recycling
  • If your organization doesn't have a waste reduction and management plan, create one! If you need assistance on creating a waste reduction and management plan start with Portland State University/Community Environmental Services information page.  

Questions you may encounter on a formal solicitation:

  • Please describe your organizations a recycling plan to reduces waste?
  • Please describe how you reduce waste by purchasing products with less packaging? 
  • Please describe how you buy in bulk?
  • Please describe how you reuse or donate items to have a positive impact on our community?
  • Do you donate items for re-manufacturing? Are items you use easily processed or recycled into new raw materials?
  • Do you purchase products with post consumer recycled content including paper and plastic products?