Our program has launched a flu vaccination campaign for the influenza virus season.

Overall Goals  

  • To ensure access to vaccination for Multnomah County’s Black and African immigrant/refugee populations. 

  • To equip influential Black/African immigrant and refugee messengers as educated and empowered “trusted voices” in the community to support vaccine education and delivery; utilizing the principles of the theory of planned behavior.

  • To provide timely and accurate public information about influenza and influenza vaccine to Multnomah County’s African American and African immigrant/refugee communities in order to slow rates of infection in  Multnomah County. 

  • To increase influenza vaccination opportunities & enhance provider partnerships: Increase number, range, and diversity of opportunities to receive vaccinations and develop partnerships to encourage behavior change in providers or health care staff.

  • To make use of public health authority status and exercise the influence that the Health Department has to promote, protect and assure the health and well-being of our community. 

Campaign Materials 

Digital Campaign Materials Gallery (English)

Where To Get A Flu Shot

Earned Media Links 

Community Involvement 

If you would like to support our efforts in pushing out flu vaccine related information, please consider filling out our REACH Flu Campaign Community Engagement Form to learn about different ways you can get involved! You can also assist us with spreading awareness around flu vaccination by sharing our flu-related content that is pushed out via the Multnomah County-REACH Facebook page