Your mailing address is the address where mail is delivered by the post office. It is the owner’s responsibility to notify the Assessor when the mailing address of real property has changed. Per Oregon Statute ORS 308.212a, written requests from the owner of the property is required in order for Multnomah County Division of Assessment, Recording and Taxation (DART) to change our records.

IMPORTANT: A change of mailing address request can only be accepted when signed by an owner, their attorney, an officer of the corporation, or an authorized property agent. The form must be signed in the name of the individual submitting the address change request and NOT the name of the company or trust on title. Failure to make timely payments due to undeliverable mail could result in loss of the discount and/or accrual of interest.Corporations, Partnerships, LLC's and Non-Profit Organizations requesting a change of mailing address must provide a copy of the legal documentation authorizing signature authority on behalf of the organization, in addition to the completed Mailing Address Change Request and therefore should return the PDF version of the Mailing Address Change Request form. See the download link below. 

ONLINE MAILING ADDRESS CHANGE REQUEST FORM:  The online form below provides the option to submit the Mailing Address Change request electronically by providing an electronic signature. You may use this form to ask the Multnomah County Division of Assessment, Recording and Taxation (DART) to correct the owner's mailing address on a real property account for your Property Tax Bill and other Property Tax notices for property located in Multnomah County. Please complete all required sections.

LOOK UP YOUR PROPERTY INFORMATION: Click the link below to look up your property account number if it is Use the 'CONTINUE AS A GUEST' login, no password required.  RETURN PDF VERSION A PDF version of the MAILING ADDRESS CHANGE REQUEST form can also be returned by email, post mail or hand delivered. Multco Mailing Address Change Request (189.05 KB) (34.72 KB) 

PDF INSTRUCTIONS: After filling out this form, please print it, sign your name in the signature field, add your email and phone contact details, and then email or post the form to the Multnomah County Assessor’s Office.
EMAIL: After completing and signing the form email it to
POST: You may mail the completed and signed form back to:
Mailing Address Change
Multnomah County DART
PO Box 5007
Portland, OR 97208-5007


Property Owner
Owner First Name
New Mailing Address
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New Mailing Address City
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By entering your name below, you certify that you are the owner and you authorize Multnomah County Assessment, Recording and Taxation office to change the mailing address/es for the properties listed above.