Division overview

The mission of the Adult Services Division is to enhance public safety and promote improvements in offender behavior through integrated probation and parole supervision, as well as rehabilitative and enforcement strategies. The Division is responsible for the supervision of offenders who are sentenced to probation; released from custody on parole or post-prison supervision; or sentenced to one year or less in prison.

The Division works closely with the State Department of Corrections and the State Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision. Information about offenders supervised by the Division is maintained in the Corrections Information System. This system is maintained by the State Department of Corrections. It is accessed by and updated by Division staff via a link with the State Police Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS).

How to use this retention schedule

This retention schedule applies to all division records, including electronic records maintained in division computer systems. The retentions apply to the record copy of the records described, regardless of format or media. If you maintain identical records in both electronic and paper formats, only one version needs to be retained as the record copy. If you have questions about the application of a specific retention, please contact the County Records Management Program at (503)988-3741.

When the record of an action is maintained in electronic form, it is the responsibility of the records custodian to retain it for the retention period specified in the retention schedule. If you have questions about whether the electronic systems containing these records can maintain them for the required retention, contact your system administrator and the county records program.

The retention schedule is organized by organizational unit. Each program schedule includes a brief description of the program, a description of the electronic systems unique to that program, and a listing of record series unique to that program.

Types of records that are common to all programs within the division are described in the "Common Records" retention schedule (ASD-GEN). If you do not find an appropriate record description in your program retention schedule, see if it is in Common Records. If it is in neither one, contact the County Records Management Program.

Common Records (ASDGEN)

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