Series Title (Agency Series #): Description, Retention (Legal Citation)

Computer System Maintenance Records (MP1-001(a) and MP1-001(b)): Computer System Maintenance Records document the maintenance of computer systems and are used to ensure compliance with any warranties or service contracts; schedule regular maintenance and diagnose system or component problems; and document systems backups. Records may include but are not limited to computer equipment inventories, hardware performance reports, component maintenance records(invoices, warranties, maintenance logs, correspondence, maintenance reports, and related records), system backup reports and procedures, and backup tape inventories, and related documentation.
Retention: MP1-001(a) Records related to system or component repair or service: Retain life of the system or component; MP1-001(b) Records related to regular or essential records backups: Retain 1 year after superseded or obsolete. (OAR 166-150-0125(1))

Computer System Program Documentation (MP1-002(a) and MP1-002(b) and MP1-002(c)): Records document the addition, modification, or removal of software from a computer system. Records usually fall into six categories: 1) records that document operating systems; 2) records that document the in-house creation and modification of application programs; 3) records that document the structure and form of data sets; 4) records that document the use of commercial software packages; 5) records that document the structure of the system; and 6) records that document system-to-system communication. Records may include but are not limited to system overviews, operation logs, job listings, operator instruction manuals, system development logs, system specifications and changes (including narrative and flow chart descriptions), conversion notes, data set logs, data set inventories, data set record layouts, hard copies of tables, data dictionaries, data directories, programming logs, program specifications and changes, record layouts, user views, control program table documentation, program listings, commercial software manuals, and related correspondence and documentation.
Retention: MP1-002(a) Migration plans: Retain until superseded; MP1-002(b) System structure records: Retain for the life of system; MP1-002(c) Other records: Retain 2 years after system superseded. (OAR 166-150-0125(2))

Computer System Security Records (MP1-003):Records documenting the security of the computer systems. Includes employee access requests, passwords, access authorizations, encryption keys, and related documentation.
Retention: Retain 3 years after superseded. (OAR 166-150-0125(3))

Correspondence: Records that: 1. document communications created or received by an agency AND 2. directly relate to an agency program or agency administration AND 3. are not otherwise specified in the Multnomah County Retention Schedules. Records may include but are not limited to letters, memoranda, notes and electronic messages that communicate formal approvals, directions for action, and information about contracts, purchases, grants, personnel and particular projects or programs.
Retention: File with the associated program or administrative records. Communications not meeting the above criteria do not need to be filed and may be retained as needed. (OAR 166-150-0005(10)) Updated 01/08/2018

Employee Time Records (MP1-007): Records documenting hours worked, leave hours accrued, and leave hours taken by program employees. Information usually includes employee name and social security number, hours worked, type and number of leave hours taken, total hours, dates, and related data.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (MOAR 166-150-0155(3))

Information System Planning and Development Records (MP1-004(a) and MP1-004(b)): Records document the planning and development of information systems. Although these records typically document computerized information systems, they may also document manual filing systems and microfilm systems. The records are used to insure that planned systems will help the institution fulfill its missions, are cost-effective, conform to adopted information standards, and integrate with existing institution information systems. Records may vary according to the level of documentation required for each system, but may include information technology plans, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, institution studies and surveys, information management project records, system specifications and revisions, software evaluations, component proposals, technical literature, vendor literature and proposals, and correspondence.
Retention: MP1-004(a) Implemented systems: Retain life of the system; MP1-004(b) Unimplemented systems: Retain 3 years. (OAR 166-150-0125(8))

Meeting Records, Staff (MP1-009): Records documenting meetings within government which are not subject to Oregon's Public Meetings Law (ORS 192.610 to 192.690). These routine staff meetings deal with tasks and actions within existing policies and procedures. Records may include minutes, notes, reports, and related items.
Retention: Retain 2 years. (OAR 166-150-0005(16))

Software Management Records (MP1-005): Records document the use of software in information systems to insure that institution software packages are compatible, that license and copyright provisions are complied with, and that upgrades are obtained in a timely manner. Records may include but are not limited to software purchase records, software inventories, software licenses, site licenses, and correspondence.
Retention: Retain 2 years after software disposed of or upgraded. (OAR 166-150-0125(11))

Training Program Records (MP1-008(a) and MP1-008(b) and MP1-008(c)): Records related to the design and implementation of training programs provided to employees by the agency. May include class descriptions, instructor certifications, planning documentation, instructional material, course outlines, class enrollment and attendance records, and related significant records.
Retention: MP1-008(a) Significant program records: Retain 5 years; MP1-008(b) Class enrollment and attendance records: Retain 2 years; MP1-008(c) Other records: Retain 1 year. (OAR 166-150-0160(22))

User Support Records (MP1-006): Records documenting troubleshooting and problem-solving assistance provided by information systems personnel to users of the systems (computer, telecommunications, etc.) Records may include assistance requests, resolution records, and related documentation. Information may include name of requester, date, time, location, and description of problem and resolution.
Retention: Retain 1 year. (OAR 166-150-0125(13))