Series Descriptions

Series Title (Agency Series #): Description, Retention (Legal Citation)

Advertising and Publicity Records (TR09-007): Series is used to prepare and produce promotional materials, and to document promotions, advertising campaigns and public relations efforts for the division. Records may include event programs and schedules, passes, newsletters, news clippings, paste-ups, drawings, copies of ads, photographs, slides, videotapes, sound recordings, story scripts, posters, brochures, flyers, and correspondence.­
Retention: Retain 2 years. (OAR 166-150-0005(3))­  

Annexation Records (TR09-001): Records documenting the annexation of areas within Multnomah County to incorporated cities and the impact on transportation activities. May include staff reports, petitions, service district withdrawal records, surveys, boundary commission recommendations and judgments, census reports, franchise notices, maps, and important related correspondence and memoranda.­
Retention: Retain permanently. (MOAR 166-150-0045(1))­

Correspondence: Records that: 1. document communications created or received by an agency AND 2. directly relate to an agency program or agency administration AND 3. are not otherwise specified in the Multnomah County Retention Schedules. Records may include but are not limited to letters, memoranda, notes and electronic messages that communicate formal approvals, directions for action, and information about contracts, purchases, grants, personnel and particular projects or programs.
Retention: File with the associated program or administrative records. Communications not meeting the above criteria do not need to be filed and may be retained as needed. (OAR 166-150-0005(10)) Updated 01/08/2018

News Releases (TR09-009): Prepared statements, announcements, news conference transcripts, and similar records issued to the news media. Subjects include the adoption of new programs, termination of old programs, policy shifts, changes in the status of elected officials or senior administrative personnel, and others. Also may include news releases announcing routine events or actions carried out within the scope of existing policies.­  
Retention: Policy and historic news/press releases: retain permanently;  routine news/press releases: retain 2 years. (MOAR 166-150-0005(18))­  

Public Correspondence (TR09-005): Documents communications with the public regarding the division and its programs. Includes complaints, compliments, suggestions, customer service, and similar communications.­  
Retention: Retain 2 years. (MOAR 166-150-0005(32))­

 Public Relations Records (TR09-004): Records documenting interactions between the division and the public at large. Records include biographies and photographs of division employees, public information films, surveys, publications, transportation week records, speeches, correspondence, and related records.­
Retention: Retain permanently. (none)­  

Public Relations Visual Records (TR09-008): Series provides visual documentation of division activities and staff. Records include photographs and negatives, slides, motion pictures, and related indexing. Aerial photographs are described in the LUT Planning schedule.­
Retention: Retain permanently. (none)­  

Road Transfer Records (TR09-002): Records documenting the transfer of county roads to municipal jurisdiction. Records include road proceedings, resolutions, orders, ordinances, inventories, vacations, the Road Inventory Database, and related correspondence.­
Retention: Retain permanently. (MOAR 166-150-0205(3))­