The 257th Drive Corridor Safety Improvements project will include the following safety improvements.

Bike Boxes

  • Bike boxes will be installed at SW Sturges Drive and SW Cherry Park Road. A bike box is a designated area of green pavement markings at an intersection that provides cyclists with a safer and more visible way to stop and wait ahead of vehicles during a red light. 

Bus Stop Improvements

  • Sidewalks will be widened next to bus stops and signs at those stops will be improved for clear visibility and access.

Enhanced Pedestrian Crossings

  • We will install two new enhanced crossings in key locations along the corridor at SW 17th Way and SW 28th Street. These crossing enhancements include pedestrian-activated signals to stop traffic. 

Signal Improvements

  • We will install Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant accessible pedestrian signal push-buttons and upgraded pedestrian signal equipment.

Accessibility Improvements

  • The project will upgrade all sidewalk corners with ADA-compliant curb ramps.


  • Street lights will be replaced to improve visibility at night along SW 257th Drive for all users.

Traffic Calming

  • Radar feedback signs will be installed and the vehicle travel lanes will be narrowed. These changes can encourage drivers to slow down. 

Buffered Bike Lanes

  • We will narrow lanes for motorized vehicles to create more space for buffered bike lanes with new striping, from SW 16th Way to SE Stark Street. This will increase bike comfort and add extra space between cyclists and motor vehicles.


  • The project will also resurface the existing pavement from the north side of SW 16th Way to SE Stark Street.