Key 2018-2019 milestones identified in the Workforce Equity Strategic Plan and Jemmott Rollins Group Recommendations

Target Date Stakeholder Engagement  Jemmott Rollins Group Recommendations
Dec. 2018 Department Equity Teams, Employee Resource Groups Develop workplan for JRG Recommendations
Jan. - April 2019 WESP Committee Established, Subcommittees Formed


orientation includes ERG info

Jan. - April 2019

Board Meeting to add JRG Workplan to WESP

Jan. - April 2019 Budget Process: Program offers submitted
April - July 2019 Budget Adopted: New positions hiring process
July - Oct. 2019  Initial WESP and JRG performance measures due


ERG Policy Updated

July - Oct. 2019  Stakeholder engagement for WESP Annual Report and WESP Updates

Oct.  - Dec. 2019 Board Adoption of WESP Annual Update WESP Annual Report Submitted to Board