Leadership Council Representatives 

Department of County Human Services: Mohammad Bader

Department of Community Services: Kim Peoples

Health Department: Maria Lisa Johnson, Ebony Clarke

Department of County Assets: Kim Garcia

Department of Community Justice: Erika Preuitt

Joint Office of Homeless Services: Patricia Rojas

Human Resources Executive Council Representatives 

Travis Graves

Local 88 Leadership Representatives 

Percy Winters Jr.

Raymond DeSilva

Employee Resource Groups Representatives

Managers of Color: Leticia Sainz 

IDEA (Including Disability in Equity and Access): Jill Jessee 

Vital Aging Network: Steve Joiner

Family Advocates of MultCo: Veronica Lopez Ericksen 

Immigrants and Refugees Employee Resource Group: Victoria Cross

Employees of Color Employee Resource Group: Larry Turner and Deandre Kenyanjui

PRISM: Akilah Powell

Representatives from Community-Based Organizations 

Oregon Health Equity Alliance: Katie Sawicki and Zeenia Junkeer 

Urban League: Hannah Hollaway

AFSCME: Micaela Shapiro Shellaby

Equity Managers/Equity Team Representatives

Department of County Human Services: Dion Jordan

Health Department: Hun Taing

Department of County Assets: Kory Murphy

Department of County Management: Casey Layton

Department of Community Justice: Andrea Archuleta

Department of Community Services: Jamie Waltz

Library: Sonja Ervin

Representatives from Elected Offices 

District 4: Layan Ammouri

District 3: Hayden Miller

District 1: Katie Shriver

Chair's Office: Kim Melton

District 2: Sara Ryan

Research and Evaluation Representative

Katherin Flower

Workday/IT Representative 

Jacob Farkas 

Organizational Learning/Training Representatives

Holly Calhoun

Budget Liaison

Mike Jaspin

Labor Relations Representative

Steve Herron