Earth Month Virtual Learning

Join the Office of Sustainability for webinars in April to explore our role in caring for and living among the elements: Earth, water, air, and fire. Registration is not required.


Empowered Purchasing: How eco labels can help you buy better
Wednesday, 4/10 from 12 - 1pm
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What is an “eco label”? Join Multnomah County’s Sustainable Purchasing Coordinator to explore some of the most common third-party certifications for sustainability in products, and get a real time demonstration of how to find them at popular retailer websites and the County’s purchasing portal.

You’ll leave this presentation feeling empowered to apply this information while shopping for yourself or for your job.


The River Starts Here - Connecting with and caring for our local rivers and streams
Thursday, 4/11 from 11am - 11:45am
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The River Starts Here is a clean water public outreach effort connecting people in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington County with their local rivers and streams. A regional coalition of local governments is behind this effort, including Roy Iwai from Multnomah County's Water Quality Program. Roy will highlight some of these local waterways, and share upcoming events that will help you and others learn more about them in person, as well as offer tips for how we can help keep our water clean. You'll have the opportunity to share how you feel connected with water and which water topics resonate with you, and your ideas will help shape The River Starts Here social media campaign!


How to Prepare for a Climate-Related Emergency
Wednesday, 4/17 from 12 - 2pm
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Join Multnomah County Emergency Management for an empowering and informative virtual workshop designed to help you become better prepared for the challenges posed by climate-related emergencies, like extreme heat and cold, and wildfires and smoky air. As Multnomah County continues to face increasingly challenging extreme weather events, it's crucial that we learn from past experiences and create a plan to ensure the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. In this presentation you’ll learn how to prepare for a climate-related event and we will highlight how your biggest asset in preparedness is building relationships within your community.


Waiting to Inhale: What can I do about air pollution?
Wednesday, 4/24 from 9am - 10am
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Do you ever wonder if it's safe to breathe the air outside, or even inside your own home? Join staff from the Health Department's air quality program for a conversation about how race, age, location, underlying health, and other factors intersect with air quality, and check out some examples of communities successfully working towards clearing the air. Take a deep breath and learn what you can do at home and in our community to create cleaner, healthier air.