Multnomah County Department of County Human Services (DCHS) Vision

The DCHS North Star: In Multnomah County, every person – at every stage in life – has equitable opportunities to thrive.

The Department of County Human Services (DCHS) designs programs, services and funding to provide stability for Multnomah County residents across the lifespan. DCHS strives to not only uplift our community members in times of need – but to invest in innovative, future-oriented approaches to human services that prevent crises, build assets and nurture self-determination within our communities by addressing and redressing the root causes of racism and all other forms of inequity.

In childhood, DCHS supports people by improving educational access and support for youth, coaching early childhood education providers, and making sure children have enough to eat in the summer months. 

In adulthood, DCHS supports people with disabilities who want to live in their own homes, helps people stay in affordable homes, and provides safety and support for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. 

DCHS supports older adults by doing things like helping older veterans navigate the public programs they’ve earned as part of their service, setting up classes at a senior centers to keep people healthy, and protecting older or disabled people who are potentially being abused.

Public Records Requests

Under Oregon’s Public Records law (ORS 192), individuals, organizations, agencies, and businesses may request that Multnomah County provide copies or access to written documents and materials.  The request must:

  • Be in writing.
  • Include contact information.
  • Clearly state what records are sought.

Please be advised there may be a fee to cover staff time researching and retrieving the documents. You will be notified of any estimated fee and cost in advance.  Payment is required before the County will produce the records. The fee may be reduced or waived if it is determined it is in the interest of the public.

Please email Ryan Yambra (, 971-337-5705) with public records requests.