ERG logoAbout ERGs:

Multnomah County is proud to have 10 active Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs are county-sponsored, employee-run groups that promote diversity values and efforts of the county while promoting personal and professional growth for county employees with shared lived experiences and improving retention by providing a stronger sense of community within the county. 

Employee Resource Groups at the County

Did you know?

With supervisory approval, employees may spend a maximum of six hours per month on county time for Employee Resource Group business as long as it does not interfere with the regular work of employees.

This applies to meetings, travel to and from meetings, planning, leadership activities, writing newsletters, group retreats, work required between meetings, etc.

Benefits of membership: 

  • Celebrate cultural holidays and observances.
  • Provide an opportunity to work on staff professional development
  • Identify barriers to employee engagement and create solutions
  • Aid the county with employee recruitment & development, diversity awareness and strategic planning.
  • Host events that create opportunities for employee to build stronger workforce communities by networking and skills sharing. (career development, business education, investment strategies, resume writing, or stress management)
  • Sponsor events, seminars and conferences.