Planning Division creates plans designed to prepare for, mitigate, respond to and recover from any emergency. Our plans include:

  1. Community Wildfire Protection Plan (2023): This plan creates prioritized strategies to reduce the harm from future wildfires and wildfire smoke events to people, property, natural resources and infrastructure. Check the Wildfire Mitigation Planning page for more information.
  2. Emergency Operations Base Plan (2017): This is the core response planning framework document.
    • Emergency Support Function Annexes: These eighteen annexes each focus on a separate function that is critical to successful emergency response and that may require specific actions during emergency response operations.
  3. Fuel Management Plan (2022): The purpose of this plan is to describe the Multnomah County concept of operations for managing fuel during a minor, major or catastrophic incident or event that curtails or disrupts the fuel supply.
  4. Mass Shelter Plan (2019): This plan addresses Multnomah County’s response to care for everyone, everywhere in the county who needs shelter services following a catastrophic event that displaces a large number of people.
  5. Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (2023): This plan creates a framework for risk-based decision-making to reduce future loss of life and impacts to people, property, natural systems and the economy.
    • An update of this plan was completed in 2023. A survey to provide feedback for further plan updates can be found here.