Multnomah County Health Department works to reduce overdoses and overdose deaths in our county. We have four key areas of focus:

  • Prevention 
  • Harm reduction and intervention 
  • Treatment
  • Ongoing recovery support
Our commitment is to our communities. Each of us deserves dignity, choice, and support. This means meeting people where they are, with compassion, cultural humility, and without judgment. 

This work is outlined in the 2024 Overdose Prevention and Response Plan (7.4 MB)

Emergency Declaration

On Feb. 1, 2024, Multnomah County Chair Vega Pederson, Oregon Governor Kotek, and Portland Mayor Wheeler declared a 90-day Emergency to direct coordinated efforts to address fentanyl use in Portland’s Central City. 

County activities during the 90-day emergency will include activities in all four areas of focus and extend throughout the county. 

90-day Overdose Prevention and Response Plan (324.08 KB)

Ongoing Addiction and Recovery Services

The Health Department provides a wide range of services across the spectrum of care from prevention to recovery. Some of these include:

Get Naloxone

Find pharmacies that distribute Naloxone

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Provider Health Alerts