Multnomah County Comunity Health Center and La Clinica de Buena Salud staff are excited to announce plans to expand our services in 2025. The new expanded health center at the corner of 42nd and Killingsworth will offer primary care, dental and pharmacy services all conveniently located together in a new, modern building in the Cully neighborhood.

Until the new health center opens in 2025, clients will receive the same services currently offered at the existing La Clinica location. La Clinica will continue to accept new clients. Call 503-988-5558 to establish care or schedule your next appointment.

What to Expect at the New Expanded Health Center in 2025

Primary Care, Dental and Pharmacy 

Our new, larger space at the corner of 42nd and Killingsworth will offer full dental and pharmacy services plus the compassionate primary care you are used to receiving. 

You will see the same care team that you have at La Clinica. We will let you know if any changes to your care team are coming, and we will ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Healthcare Workforce Development 

Unique opportunities for education and on-the-job training through our partnership with Portland Community College.

Same Team and Community Partners 

Bienestar de la Familia will still be located at Hacienda and continue to provide behavioral health services, case  management, food distribution,  afterschool programs, and health referrals. 

Be Involved in Shaping the New Health Center 

We want your input! Patient and staff input and discussion is very important as we design the new clinic and plan the transition to make it as successful as we can for our patients! Send questions and join our email list:


Why is La Clínica de Buena Salud moving?

  • Yes! Our new location will offer pharmacy and dental services, in addition to primary care.  La Clínica patients have long expressed to us that they wanted pharmacy and dental services to be offered along with the existing primary care. We have received this feedback by patient surveys, La Clínica Advisory board meetings, Community Health Worker conversations and community outreach
  • This is a step toward fulfilling our goal that all sites offer the full array of primary care, dental, and pharmacy services!

Could we add those services to the current location

  • There is not enough space to add any additional services that are needed in the community and desired by our patients
  • There is limited parking available for current clientele and no capacity to add parking for an expanded patient community; the new location will provide patient specific parking

What are the new services that will be offered?

  • Dental services:
    • Preventative dental, including X rays, fluoride varnish, and sealants
    • Urgent care
    • Comprehensive oral healthcare 
    • Hygiene services
    • School oral and community health services
    • Baby day
    • Preferred providers for pediatrics, endodontics and oral surgery
  • Pharmacy services:
    • Medication dispensing
    • Over-the-counter medications
    • Chronic disease management
    • Patient education and preventive care
  • Presence in a workforce development space that will support local students, employers, patients, and community members with job access and training; housing services and assistance; and other support services
  • More accessible parking for those with mobility issues who struggled with parking at La Clinica; highly accessible by public transit

Is the new site on a bus line? How will the move impact people with limited mobility? 

  • The new proposed site is just over a mile away from La Clínica on the same street, NE Killingsworth, and has improved transportation access
  • Ride To Care will still be available (cab services to and from clinic) as well as Trimet passes
  • It is accessible by public transit via TriMet lines 70, 72, and 75; biking and walking routes; and rideshare
  • In addition, the new location offers more accessible parking for mobility vehicles and a larger dedicated space for health center patients

Will there continue to be transportation assistance for clients who need it?

The existing options for transportation assistance at La Clinica will continue, which include bus tickets, Trimet Hop passes and taxicabs. 

In addition, CareOregon/HealthShare clients can use the Drive to Care program and Trillium and Open Card clients can use the OHP Medical Transportation program.

I’m a patient. Will I still see the same provider and medical team? 

Yes, in most cases. Some normal staff changes may occur over time. The La Clinica/Cully health center expansion team will let you know what to expect and if any changes to your care team are coming, and we will ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

What languages will be spoken at the new location?

Care teams will include Spanish-speaking providers and staff, just like at La Clinica. Interpretation will be available in Spanish, Somali and all other languages spoken by patients. 

How can I learn more about the expansion?

You can contact us at our email for more information on the expansion.