Parent with childSUN Parent Child Development Services

SUN Parent Child Development Services are services for families of children (birth through age 5) to promote positive parenting, healthy child development and school readiness.

Families receive personalized coaching and support through a home visitor and play groups in the community with other families. Specific services include:

  • Age appropriate parent-child play groups

  • Parenting education and support services

  • Developmental and health screenings, including  immunization status checks (and follow up)

  • Referrals to other needed social and health services to create a home environment that strengthens the entire family.

  • Regular home visits

Play groups are offered across the county for easy access for participating families.

All services are developmentally and culturally appropriate and use the nationally recognized Parents As Teachers (PAT) curriculum.

To participate call the numbers below based on where you live

  • West: Impact NW - 503-294-7387
  • North/Northeast: SEI - 503-285-0493 or Human Solutions - 503-548-0200
  • Mid-county: IRCO - 971-271-6510
  • Outer East/Reynolds: Mt. Hood Community College - 971-319-6947
  • Outer Gresham: Mt. Hood Community College - 971-319-6947

For further program information, please contact:

Lisa Kulkarni , 503-988-7444,


Early Kindergarten Transition Program

The Early Kindergarten Transition Programs (EKT) are 2-3 week free summer programs for children AND their parents/caregivers entering kindergarten at many SUN Community Schools across the County.

List of schools with the Early Kindergarten Transition Program  EKT 2019 Directory (1.43 MB)

Two Core components

The EKT program is based around two core components:

  1. Class Time for Children

  2. Family Engagement Activities

During class time children meet teachers, make new friends, and get familiar with kindergarten skills, routines, and expectations.

Parents/Caregivers participate in group engagement and other activities to learn about kindergarten and the school, ways to support learning at home, and meet school staff and other parents.

For further information, please contact:

Mani Xaybanha , 503.988.7473,