Instructions for submitting a plat or survey can be found on the submittal application. Surveys and each type of plat also have checksheets for your surveyor to follow.

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Submit a boundary survey to the county surveyor a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the submission of the final subdivision or condominium plat. If warranted, the county surveyor may waive this requirement.

In addition to the requirements of ORS 209.250, a survey, and a partition plat if a separate survey has not been filed, shall show all obvious encroachments or hiatuses created by deeds, buildings, fences, cultivation, previous surveys and plats, or similar means and any other conditions that may indicate that the ownership lines as surveyed may be different than those shown on the survey.

The county surveyor may refuse to approve a plat if the surveyor finds an encroachment or hiatus. Evidence that the hiatus or encroachment has been eliminated may be required, or the county surveyor may require that it be shown on the plat if it cannot be eliminated.

All partition, subdivision and condominium final plats, including those inside city limits, shall be checked and approved by the county surveyor prior to recording. No plat shall be recorded without such approval. This approval by the county surveyor shall be valid for thirty (30) days from the date of approval to the date submitted for recording. After 30 days the approval is withdrawn and must be resubmitted.

All partition, subdivision, and condominium final plats submitted for approval shall be accompanied by a report, issued by a title company, or authorized agent to perform such services in Oregon, setting forth ownership and all easements of record, together with a copy of the current deed and easements for the platted property, and copies of the deeds for all abutting properties and other documentation as required by the county surveyor. The report shall have been issued no more than 15 days prior to plat submittal to the county surveyor. A supplemental report may be required by the county surveyor.


Two payments must accompany each plat submission:

  1. Deposit: Money that is drawn upon during the review process.

  2. Filing Fee: A non-refundable fee.

These payments will be made upon the submission of the plat maps. The final fee charged to the deposit will be determined at the completion of the project based on actual costs incurred by Multnomah County, including overhead and other related costs.

We will determine actual costs incurred after the review process is complete. Any remaining deposit will be returned. Post-monumented plats will not be refunded until after completion of the interior monumentation.

Note: When submitting deposits for review of a plat with two or more checks from different parties, we will charge our costs against the smallest checks first. When we are completed with our review of the plat, any refund will go to the party that submitted the largest check. 

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