Multnomah County promotes high performance green building practices that protect Multnomah County's natural and built environment. High performance green buildings are a cost effective fiscal tool and wise government investment strategy. Including up-front costs, the investment in green buildings for Multnomah County operations will yield significant taxpayer savings over the life cycle of our buildings. 

Adoption of a LEED Gold and High Performance Policy in 2008 ensures that Multnomah County building construction projects will strive for the U.S. Green Building Councils LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification in all new construction and major renovation. In addition, the policy adopts carbon neutrality components of the Architecture 2030 Challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Benefits of Green Building

Green Buildings...

  • Consume about 36 percent less energy than conventional structures and save money through decreased operation costs
  • Reduce long-term greenhouse gas emissions in a cost effective manner
  • Create healthier work environments, with more natural light and better air, and typically contribute to improved employee health, comfort, productivity, and retention
  • Are a key state and local economic strategy that supports the local economy, creates new local industries, and promotes green collar jobs

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