Harriet "Hattie" Redmond's grave

649 SE 26th Ave

Scanned image of Hattie Redmond's voter card from 1912. Data includes first and last names, address, occupation, place of nativity, age, number of years in Oregon, party affiliation, precinct name of administrative personnel, and signatures.
Elections records, Cancelled voters registration cards, Multnomah County Archives, Portland (Or.).
Lone Fir Cemetery in SE Portland is one of Multnomah County's oldest, continuously used cemeteries. Although the land has served as burial grounds since 1846, the name Lone Fir didn't come about until 1866. At that time, Mount Crawford was renamed for the fir tree that still stands in its northwest corner. Now operated by Metro, Lone Fir contains the gravesites of many notable residents. Among them is Hattie Redmond, whose final resting place has been located in Block 11, Lot 51, Space 2S since her death and burial in 1952.

If Hattie Redmond’s name is familiar to you, it would likely be because of her political work. Redmond worked on women’s suffrage campaigns in the 1890s. During that time, she also contributed to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union movement. She later joined the Colored Women’s Council which focused on advocacy for women in the community. As you can see on Ms. Redmond's 1912 Multnomah County voter’s registration card, she was 38 years old when she registered to vote after the passage of women’s suffrage in Oregon. She listed her occupation as Hairdresser. You can find additional information about the suffrage movement in Multnomah County in the digital exhibit Voting for Women: Suffrage in Multnomah County.

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