About Construction Permits

A project that makes permanent changes to the county’s right of way requires a Construction Permit. This may mean building or improving a county road, or impacts to county right of way near our Willamette River Bridges.

County staff will review your site plan to determine if you need a Construction Permit or some other type of permit.

If your project may affect a county road, you may be referred to us by the agency doing the land use review.

If your development is within 1000’ of a county bridge, you must contact us to begin the review. Our bridges are the Broadway, Burnside, Hawthorne, Morrison, Sauvie Island and Sellwood Bridges.

A smaller project may only require a Right of Way Permit. This may include a new or altered driveway or sidewalk, a signpost or fence, or landscaping, as defined in Section 18.250 of the Multnomah County Road Rules.

Construction Permits and their requirements are defined in Section 18.200 of the Multnomah County Road Rules

Who do I contact?

For more information about Construction Permits, you may contact:

Right of Way Permits Office