COBRA is a federal law that requires the County to offer employees and their families the opportunity to continue their medical/dental or MERP coverage when they end by paying the full cost of the premiums. 

Following a loss of coverage, you'll receive a COBRA notice with pricing and enrollment information to your home address (and/or dependent's home address).

State and local government employees seeking more information about rights under Public Health Service Act (PHSA), including COBRA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other laws affecting group health plans, should visit the HHS-CMS website.

COBRA Medical/Dental Costs


2022 Cobra Medical and Dental costs - all groups (86.73 KB)


2021 COBRA Costs Local 88, MCCDA, Non-Rep, DSA, ONA, Phys, JCSS, Pros Atty (87.53 KB)

2021 COBRA Costs IBEW (85.36 KB)

2021 COBRA Costs FOPPO and IUOE (85.55 KB)



2022 Medical Plan Comparison - All groups except Operating Engineers (IUOE) (205.19 KB)

2022 Dental Plan Comparison - All groups except Operating Engineers (IUOE) (93.8 KB)

2022 Medical Plan Comparison - Operating Engineers only (IUOE) (139.06 KB)


2021 Medical Plan Comparison Moda 400 Kaiser 10/20 (689.68 KB) - For former members of Local 88, Non-Represented, ONA, JCSS, IBEW, Physicians, and Painters

2021 Medical Plan Comparison Moda Performance & Preferred, Kaiser (1.81 MB)


COBRA Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form (29.64 KB)