Life is full of events that may have you thinking of making changes to your benefits. Did you get married/divorced?  Did you have a baby?  Enter/End a domestic partnership? Want to opt-out of your medical plan? Maybe you changed from part-time to full-time?

At the Benefits Office, we aim to make it easier for you to understand when you can make benefit changes during the year. To change your benefit plans outside of Open Enrollment, you’ll need a qualifying life event that has occurred within the last 60 days.

The links and information below will give you more details about qualifying life events. 

Adding a New Child

Having a new child is an exciting time! To ensure they are covered under your benefits, there are two simple steps to complete within 60 days of their birth, adoption, or placement. First, add your child as a dependent in Workday. Then, submit the Benefit Change event in Workday. Both of these steps are essential to include your new child in your coverage.

Adding a New Spouse or Newly Qualified Domestic Partner 

For these important milestones, you have 60 days from the date of marriage, domestic partner registration (State or County), or satisfying the 6 month waiting period of shared residency to report your new marriage or partnership. Then, you will add the new dependent in Workday, and complete the Benefit Change event in Workday. For domestic partners that become spouses, please reach out to us directly for assistance. 

More info: Family Changes (Adding Dependents), Domestic Partners & Your Benefits (non-IRS eligible dependents)

Removing an Ex-Spouse or Ex-Domestic Partner

Ending long-term relationships involves important decisions. When your divorce is finalized (signed by the judge) or domestic partnership ends, your ex-partner (along with any non-biological or non-adopted children) must be removed from your coverage at the end of the month that event occurs.  Please notify us as soon as your divorce is finalized or your domestic partnership ends and complete the Statement of Dissolution of Marriage/Domestic Partnership.  Even if more than 60 days have passed please still contact us as ineligible dependents may not continue to receive benefits.

More info: Family Changes (Removing Dependents)

What to Do When Other Coverage is Gained or Lost

Various events such as job changes, or dependent open enrollment may lead to the loss or gain of other coverage for you or your dependents. 

  • If you lose other coverage, you can enroll yourself and eligible dependents in County health plans. 
  • If you have an eligible dependent that loses other coverage, you can add them to your current plan. 
  • Conversely, if you gained other qualifying coverage, you can waive the County coverage. 
  • If a dependent gains other coverage, they can be removed from your plans. 

For all of these changes, proof of the loss and/or gain of the other coverage is required. Acceptable documentation includes a letter from HR, a benefit statement, a COBRA letter, or an insurance document that contains the date the other coverage starts or ends. Changes must be submitted in Workday, and documentation provided to us within 60 days of the change, for approval. 

More Info: Gaining or Losing Other Coverage

Job Changes

Some, but not all, county job changes may result in changes to your benefits.

More info: County Employment Changes (Bargaining Unit and FTE)

Unsure About Your Situation?

If your qualifying event occurred more than 60 days ago, you'll generally need to wait until Open Enrollment (October - November) to make changes to your coverage, which will take effect on January 1st of the following year. 

If you have a qualifying life event, are unsure if your event qualifies, or currently do not have medical coverage, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or 503-988-3477. We’re here to assist you and discuss the next steps.

More info on Special Enrollment Rights (Mid-Year Changes)