Good nutrition helps older adults stay healthy and thrive.

Yet, in a place internationally known for its cuisine, thousands of older adults struggle to afford food. In fact, more than 6,000 older adults have low incomes with 1 out 4 being people of color.

That’s why Multnomah County partners with nonprofits to provide places for older adults to enjoy a hot meal. We work with Meals on Wheels as well as more than a dozen nonprofit organizations to provide people a place to enjoy a hot meal.

People can socialize and, at several locations, can enjoy ethnically diverse food that tastes like home.

Most locations even offer activities like exercise, financial classes, social events, and help navigating resources.

Meal sites provide nutrition and a comfortable place to connect with others.

 Our community cares about older adults. And, there's more we can do!

Here are 3 easy ways to make a difference:

1) Make sure people know about meal sites

Make sure older adults in your life know where the nearest meal site is. You can use this map which outlines the nearest location.

2) Offer to give a ride to an older adult

Offer an older neighbor or family member a ride to a meal site. Many older adults don’t drive or getting to public transportation can be difficult. The ability the converse and connect on the way to a meal can be a great experience for older adults and drivers.

3) Volunteer to drive

You can also volunteer with a transportation service like the nonprofit Ride Connection. They are a critical resource in the community for older adults and they are almost always in need of volunteers. You can use your own car of one of theirs.