Webinar: Immunization Law in Oregon Schools & Children's Facilities

This recorded webinar for school and child care staff will teach you how to complete the annual school immunization report from start to finish. Includes answers to common questions about the ALERT immunization registry.

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Capacitación de requisitos de vacunación

Capacitación sobre informes de vacunación

Capacitación de ALERT IIS para escuelas y guarderías

Archived Webinars

January 2017

  • Assessing Immunization Records (30 min) - How to tell if a child needs shots and where to find updated shot records online. How to handle nonmedical exemptions.
  • Tallying Records for Sections E-H (30 min) - How to use the tally worksheet to provide statistical summaries of your students. Learn how to count nonmedical exemptions and when to submit Section H.

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