Case Number: T3-2021-14961

Hearing Date: January 14, 2022 at 09:00 AM

Proposal: Applicant is requesting an Administrative Decision by the Planning Director to implement a Measure 49 Final Order and a Category 1 Land Division. The land division will create (2) parcels, which requires a Hearing to authorize a parcel that does not abut a street and multiple variances to the minimum front lot line length. 

Public Participation Information: The Hearing has concluded.

Written Comments: The Hearings Officer has closed the record.

T3-2021-14961 Staff Report (2.8 MB)

Exhibit A.1 General Application Form (680.78 KB)

Exhibit A.2 Narrative (350.75 KB)

Exhibit A.3 Deed Book 1743 Page 598-599 (187.41 KB)

Exhibit A.4 Deed 2017-026320 (984.03 KB)

Exhibit A.5 Deed 2018-085998 (1.11 MB)

Exhibit A.6 Pre-Application Conference Notes - PA-2020-13605 (1.45 MB)

Exhibit A.7 County Transportation Division Memo (2.07 MB)

Exhibit A.8 Measure 49 Final Order and Home Site Authorization - E129631 (315.28 KB)

Exhibit A.9 Fire Service Agency Review. (927.05 KB)

Exhibit A.10 Certification of Water Service and Well Reports (819 KB)

Exhibit A.11 Septic Review Certification (817.52 KB)

Exhibit A.12 School District Review (653.8 KB)

Exhibit A.13 Police-Sheriff Services Review (677.46 KB)

Exhibit A.14 Storm Water Certificates and Engineering Memo (3.38 MB)

Exhibit A.15 Tentative Plan Maps (662.83 KB)

Exhibit A.16 Email Amending Application (149.56 KB)

Exhibit A.17 Revised Narrative (426.05 KB)

Exhibit A.18 Photos of Private Driveway (1.19 MB)

Exhibit B.1 Assessors Property Detail_R324933 (453.68 KB)

Exhibit B.2 Assessors Map 2N1W16 (272.19 KB)

Exhibit B.3 SOS - Corporation - Business Entity Filing Records - 144222593 (49.34 KB)

Exhibit B.4 Bureau of Development Services - Septic Records - Certificate of Onsite - 19-243913-000-00-SE (6.45 MB)

Exhibit B.5 Parcel Record_R971160060 (4.13 MB)

Exhibit B.6 Deed Book 1067 Page 944-945 (6.82 MB)

Exhibit B.7 Deed Book 1067 Page 946-947 (6.88 MB)

Exhibit B.8 Deed Book 1526 Page 356-357 (159.91 KB)

Exhibit B.9 2n1w16_62-11-15szm38 (1.41 MB)

Exhibit B.10 02 Districts ZO 1974-5-17 (117.67 KB)

Exhibit B.11 Assessors Map 2n1w16c (197.9 KB)

Exhibit B.12 Google Earth Aerial Photo June 2021 (460.11 KB)

Exhibit B.13 1992 Site Plan (211.69 KB)

Exhibit B.14 2002 Site Plan (954.24 KB)

Exhibit B.15 2009 Site Plan (948.69 KB)

Exhibit B.16 Bureau of Development Services - Septic Records - Site Evaluation Report - 19-243937-000-00-SE (4.29 MB)

Exhibit B.17 Gresham Fire Code Applications Guide (602.19 KB)

Exhibit B.18 TVFR Fire Code Application Guide (935.77 KB)

Exhibit B.19 Applicant_Surveyor Finishing a Land Division Handout (225.32 KB)

Exhibit C.1 Complete Letter (76.68 KB)

Exhibit C.2 Public Notice and Mailing List (1.63 MB)

Exhibit C.3 Oregonian Notice (50.04 KB)

Exhibit H.1 Lot of Record Image (576.68 KB)

Exhibit H.2 T3-2021-14961 - 3J Consulting - Land Use Hearing Powerpoint Presentation (849.46 KB)

Exhibit H.3 T3-2021-14961 Staff Post Hearing Memorandum (665.46 KB)