Scope of Work 

REACH's nutrition strategy focuses on addressing health disparities in the African-American and African immigrant/refugee communities through food and nutrition. We work collaboratively with various community organizations to leverage their expertise, skills and community work to reach our target population.

Nutrition focus area includes:

  • Addressing breastfeeding disparities by working to provide culturally-specific education and policy recommendations while simultaneously working to normalize breastfeeding in our community.
  • Addressing food insecurity by assessing school-based food pantries and working to mitigate barriers to food access for our population.
  • Increasing food access by working with local black farmers to provide two 18-week community supported agriculture (CSA) programs. Additionally, using this platform to educate, promote, and encourage healthy eating habits.
  • Fostering opportunity for healthy nutrition standards and healthy food procurement by working with Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Center to establish policies and guideline to enhance the food quality and nutritional value of food served. Additionally, promoting economic development in the Black/AA and AI/R communities by sourcing vegetables and other food items from Black farmers and food producers.

Our hope is to uplift the Black, African-American and African immigrant/refugee community in Multnomah County through enhanced nutritional platforms, social cohesion, and economic development.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to partner with us on some of these initiatives, please feel free to reach out to Multnomah County-REACH's Program Manager, Charlene McGee, MPH at

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