Multnomah Stability Initiative (MSI)

The goal of MSI is to engage households living on low-incomes in ways that foster hope, leadership, and community so that they avoid crisis, achieve stability, and access opportunities to reach prosperity. By protecting and building human capital, the economic well-being of the entire community is created, grown, and maintained. MSI works in partnership with Department County of Human Services’ Youth & Family Division, Community Based Organizations, Worksource Inc, Metropolitan Public Defender, and Oregon Department of Human Services.

MSI is focused on households who are:

  1. Currently housed
  2. Income at 200% federal poverty level (fpl),
  3. Have at least one child under the age of 18  
  4. Invested in long-term case-management (12-36 months)
  5. Invested in programs designed to increase income and/or earning potential

MSI offers:

  • Case management services utilizing Assertive Engagement & trauma informed care
  • Flexible Client Assistance to provide relief from the trauma associated with the scarcity of resources.
  • Culturally responsive, culturally competent service delivery and affirmatively furthers opportunity for people who have traditionally been underserved
  • Aligned Services: WorkSource; Housing Assistance; DHS; Self-Sufficiency; Benefits Assistance; Legal Barrier Removal

MSI supports families to pursue goals in 6 ways:

  1. Housing: Families have safe, well-located and affordable housing, reflective of family choice, that provides them stability and the ability to take advantage of opportunities. (Note: Clients are NOT able to purchase property through MSI funds)
  2. Education: Families’ education level meets their vocational and life aspirations.
  3. Wellness and Health: Families have the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental capacity to meet life’s challenges.
  4. Income: Family income meets basic needs, reduces debt and allows asset building.
  5. Social Capital: Families have relationships that build on their values and create mutual resources and support, and are active members of their community.
  6. Positive Child Development: Children are safe and successful.