Bridal Veil Reading Room

Bridal Veil, OR 97010

Men and boys sitting around a table reading books and newspapers. Walls of room lined with book shelves/
Library Community Services records, Branch records, 1907-1997, Multnomah County Archives, Portland, Oregon.
By the time the Columbia River Highway reached Bridal Veil in 1914, residents had been established for over 30 years. The town was a lumber town in the mid-1930s when fire destroyed most of the lumber company and the timber had been cut. Lumber operation ceased on the site in 1941 and today little of the town remains, save for its post office which is popular with tourists for its postmark on wedding invitations.

Troutdale library history records that the first box of books was sent to the Bridal Veil reading room in late October 1903. This image, from the Library Administration collection, appears to be of a reading room in 1912, where people had access to books and newspapers. It unknown where in town the the reading room was situated. In those days the library was run independently by the Library Association of Portland, but all of the independent libraries became part of the County in 1990 when ownership was officially transferred.

If you have any additional information about the reading room, tag us on Twitter @MultcoArchives. For more information about Bridal Veil, check out the Crown Point Historical Society.

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