Multnomah Falls

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Sheriff's officer and patrol car parked near Multnomah Falls.
County Sheriff's records, Multnomah County Archives, Portland, Oregon.
Multnomah County Sheriff's deputy Bud Benton making radio contact in front of his patrol car with Multnomah Falls in the background. The falls is about 15 miles west of Multnomah County's eastern boundary.

The photo was taken in 1963, probably from a point on the newly constructed interstate I-84 just to the west of the falls. The interstate both paralleled and replaced portions of the Old Columbia River Highway, which had been built to provide better access to popular Columbia Gorge tourist attractions.

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Please note: ODOT has implemented access changes to the waterfall corridor this summer including the need for a permit. Please check before you set out to make the appropriate arrangements for your journey.

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