Oregon Administrative Rules

Policies and Procedures

Policy and procedure checklist - residential treatment facilities (51.87 KB)
Policy and procedure checklist - residential treatment homes (190 KB)

Policy and procedure template - residential treatment facilites (412.58 KB)
Policy and procedure template - psychiatric security review board (60.46 KB)
Policy and procedure no change affidavit (12.06 KB)

Residential Treatment Home Facility (354.5 KB)
Incident Report Training (235 KB)
Report writing for incidents (43.48 KB)
Critical Incident Meeting Form (32 KB)
Medical analysis for termination of residents (26.5 KB)

Forms and Resources

Orientation, guides, and forms for new and existing residential providers in Multnomah County.

Activities of Daily Living Training Guide (120 KB)
New Resident Orientation Checklist (21.5 KB)
Resident general information (25 KB)

trainings_required_for_residential_staff (20 KB)
Medical Management Handbook (82 KB)
Form for Doctor visit (39.5 KB)
Room search memo (44.5 KB)
How to write an incident report (31 KB)
Incident Report Form (55 KB)
AFCH - Incident Reporting Form (59 KB)
Incident Reporting Category Definitions (87 KB)
Critical Incident Definitions (24.5 KB)
discharge_interview_form (38.5 KB)
Evacuation Drill Checklist (14.81 KB)
Policy and Procedure Affidavit (20 KB)
Variance Form (39.57 KB)

Resident Rights

Residential Client Rights (24.92 KB)
Residential Treatment Facility Grievances and Appeals (19 KB)
Residential Treatment Home Grievance and Appeal (19 KB)
HIPAA Coversheet (15.04 KB)
HIPAA Coversheet Summary (45 KB)