Get informed about your rights and responsibilities as a consumer.

This page contains complaint forms, privacy notices, hearing requests, advance directives and other information you should know.

Fraud & Abuse

The Behavioral Health division takes allegations of Medicaid fraud and abuse seriously. If you suspect fraud or abuse of Medicaid or other public funds you can report it.

888-289-6839 | Good Government Hotline

Health Share Multnomah Mental Health Members

 Member Rights and Responsibilities

Complaint brochure for members and non-members:

Complaint Brochure Form - English (609.49 KB)
Complaint Brochure Form - Spanish (799.75 KB)
Complaint Brochure Form - Russian (1.17 MB)
Complaint Brochure Form - Vietnamese (1.52 MB)
Complaint Brochure Form - Somali (889.46 KB)
Complaint Brochure Form - Chinese (772.14 KB)

Individuals in Residential Treatment 

Residential Rights and Responsibilities (41.33 KB)


Notice of Non-discrimination (792.78 KB)
Notice of Privacy Practices (196.51 KB) Explains under what conditions the county may use your confidential health information without your consent.

Request an Appeal

Appeals and Hearings Rights (111.79 KB) - Explains your right to appeal a treatment decision

OHP Appeal and Hearing Request Forms - Fill out this form to request a formal hearing from the state Department of Human Services about a treatment decision.

Appeal and Hearing Request (121.01 KB)
Notice of Hearing Rights (85.58 KB)

Advance Directive

To let people know what mental health treatment you want if you become too ill to advocate for yourself:

Declaration for Mental Health Treatment Form (53 KB)
Instructions for treatment form mhdirectiveed (50 KB).

To let doctors, friends, and family know your wishes regarding life support if you become unable to communicate due to a physical illness or accident.

Advance Directive Form (15.44 KB)
Instructions for treatment form mhdirectiveed (50 KB)

Governor's Advocacy Office
(503) 945-6904 or 1 (800) 442-5238

Department of Human Services
(503) 945-5944

Report Abuse of an Adult with Mental Illness: (503) 988-8170

Report Abuse of a Child: 1-855-503-SAFE (7233) toll free

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