By recycling, businesses can help the region capture the 100,000 tons of recyclable paper, cardboard and containers that are sent to landfills annually in our region by the commercial sector.

Find a Hauler

Please see our Licensed Haulers List for information on haulers in your area.  Contact the hauler directly to request or change services.  Haulers set their own service fees.

Commercial Service Standards

Licensed haulers must offer mixed recycling and glass service to all commercial accounts.

Business Recycling Requirements

Commercial generators of solid waste employing 10 or more persons and occupying 1,000 square feet or more of a single location must source separate recycleable materials.  The business owner must contract with a hauler to have regularly scheduled recycling service or self haul. Anyone who contracts for service from a hauler is responsible for payment for that service.

Employee Opportunity to Recycle

Commercial generators must provide employees with access to separate containers for garbage and recyclable materials; post signs identifying materials the business must separate; and provide recycling instructions for employees and customers.

Prior to collection, containers should be placed at a location that is accessible, safe to empty and load, and has been previously agreed to by the hauler and the customer.


For information about filing a complaint regarding hauler collection services or business recycling requirements, please visit our Complaints page.

Other Resources

To learn more about reducing waste and recycling at work, please visit our Resource page.