mom holding infant and texting

Need an appointment? Can't make it? Text us!

With WIC’s text messaging service, you can send us a text message to schedule and change your WIC appointments.

You can also:

  • Report online classes that you completed
  • Change your benefits
  • Ask for advice

To use the service, you must already be receiving texts from us. Call us at 503-988-3503 to sign up.

Text to 20121. We will answer during working hours.

I need to...

Text to 20121:

Make or reschedule an appointment

APPOINTMENT or RESCHEDULE + your preferred day/time

We will contact you with an available appointment.

Make a same-day appointment


Usually available. We will check.

Report an online class I completed

ONLINE + your questions and what you learned or plan to differently

We will check that you completed the class and issue your benefits.

Change my food benefits

BENEFITS + your question or request

We will call you back within 2 working days.

Ask for advice

ADVICE + your question

We will call you back within 2 working days.