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Mental Health Resources Tool

Feeling confused about where to turn for support? Use this tool for help determining which mental health resource might be most appropriate to your situation. 

Kaiser Permanente (KP)

How to Get Care

No referral is needed to access behavioral health and addiction care services. Appointments can be made by calling (503-249-3434 or 1-855-632-8280), through, or through the KP app.

If you are in crisis, you can get help 24/7 by calling Kaiser's crisis line (Safety Net) at 503-331-6425. This number is staffed by KP internal providers during business hours and connects to the Lines for Life service after hours. If calling after hours, your information will be provided to Kaiser so they can follow-up with you and provide further care if needed. 

What’s Changing

  • Improved access to care and shorter wait times before seeing a provider
    • Most urgent appointments are seen within 48-hours and most new, initial appointments are scheduled within 14 days
  • Make behavioral health appointments online, through the KP app (new), or by telephone
  • Ability to schedule directly with contracted external partners (external provider list available when booking through KP online or in the app)
  • KP has increased their Behavioral Health provider budget and is actively recruiting to expand their network providers 
  • Increased Self Care App Offerings
    • Calm - mindfulness & meditation 
    • MyStrength - cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) based, geared towards first responders, helpful for many others
    • Ginger - emotional support coaching

What’s Staying the Same

First Responder Providers

UPDATED: Our list of Kaiser providers who specialize in treating first responders has expanded and is now in a downloadable pdf. This document will be updated as more providers are added. 

Kaiser Behavioral Health First Responder Providers (174.27 KB)

Moda Health

How to Get Care 

No referral is needed to access behavioral health and addiction care services. Appointments can be made by calling Moda’s Behavioral Health 360 team at 833-212-5027 or emailing You can also contact any contracted provider directly. 

What’s Changing

Moda expanded their Behavioral Health network and services to the County. That includes Behavioral Health Champions who will bring all the support and tools you need for behavioral wellness right to you. Behavioral Health Champions can be reached at 833-212-5027 or

Behavioral Health Champions  provide concierge-level services:

  • You tell them what you need in a provider (therapy type, race/gender of therapist preferred, focus on LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, location, schedule), they find the match
  • They verify provider availability and schedule appointments
  • They provide follow-up connections to make sure you have the necessary resources and are getting the care and support  timely

As the County transitions back to Moda, there will be a period of time (6 months) that Moda will process out-of-network behavioral health claims as in-network to minimize disruption in your current treatment plan. After July 1, 2023, if employees are still choosing to use an out-of-network provider, members with Moda PPO 400 would be responsible for the yearly plan deductible and 35% coinsurance, while members with Moda Major Medical would be responsible for the yearly plan deductible and 50% coinsurance. 

Resources for Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

What’s Staying the Same

  • No referral needed for access to behavioral health
  • No charge for in-network outpatient behavioral health
  • 15% coinsurance after deductible for behavioral health inpatient/residential treatment for PPO 400 members; 30% coinsurance after deductible for Major Medical members

Moda Health Behavior Health Champions Flyer (163.06 KB)

First Responder Providers

The following providers are contracted with Moda and specialize in treating first responders:

  • Nadine Dody, MA, LPC                                                                                • Avvy Mar, PhD
    7555 Falcon Crest Dr., Suite 205, Redmond, OR                                             2929 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland, OR 
    541-699-2915                                                                                                    503-299-4057
  • First Responder, Stephanie Conn, Psychology, PhD group practice           • It's Just Therapy, Tracy Sandor
    12725 SW Millikan Way, Suite 300, Beaverton, OR                                          2511 SW 68th Ave, Suite 100, Portland, OR
    971-250-1519                                                                                                    503-720-3276

988 - Improved National Mental Health Resource

When people call, text, or chat 988, they will be connected to trained counselors that are part of the existing Lifeline network. These trained counselors will listen, understand how their problems are affecting them, provide support, and connect them to resources if necessary.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - ComPsych

How to Get Care

All benefit eligible employees are covered under the EAP in addition to their regular health plan, or if they opt out of coverage. For telephone counseling, simply call 866-483-1493 and request telephone counseling. For 24-hour Crisis Help, call 866-483-1493 (TTY: 800 697 0353).

ComPsych (EAP) also offers access to behavioral health services. All benefit-eligible employees and members of their household can access the benefits of the EAP. The EAP provides 6 free counseling sessions per person, per issue, per year, along with other benefits. County employees can find more information on the EAP page on the Commons. The EAP is often used for shorter-term issues, does not provide medication management, and is separate from your health plan.