Employees may purchase Long Term Care insurance for themselves and eligible dependents, including domestic partners. This plan is currently available to Non-Represented employees and to members of Local 88, Local 88-2 Physicians, Local 88-5 Dentists, MCCDA, and Oregon Nurses Association.

All permanent employees who are represented by AFSCME Local 88 (including Physicians, sub-Local 88-2 and Dentists, sub-Local 88-5), MCCDA or ONA, and Non-represented employees may apply for group Long Term Care Insurance and/or apply for eligible family members including domestic partners. The plan provides the employee with Guaranteed Issue coverage levels in one of  four different plans with up to $6,000.00* monthly benefit for up to six years of payments* without review of medical history by the insurer.  Guaranteed Issue coverage is a one time enrollment opportunity. (*Note: Coverage amounts requested in excess of the Guaranteed Issue allowances are subject to review of medical history. In this instance, each applicant must also complete a Medical History Form).

New employees must apply within 31 days of hire to enroll in the Long Term Care Plan of their choice and receive elected coverage to the Guaranteed Issue allowances.

All family member applications and employee applications submitted after the 31 day enrollment period are subject to a review of applicant's medical history by the insurance company, currently UNUM Insurance Company. Unum has the right to approve or deny such applications. Coverage is not established until approved by UNUM.

The minimum amount of coverage is $2,000 and the maximum is $9,000. Premiums are paid by the employee and vary based on age, selected plan and amount of requested coverage. Employee and Spouse/Domestic Partner coverage can be paid through payroll deduction. Detailed information and cost calculators are available at the website designed by UNUM specifically for Multnomah County http://w3.unum.com/enroll/MultnomahCounty/index.aspx. Application Materials are available upon request from the Employee Benefits Office. 

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