Other benefits available to Multnomah County Employees.

Trimet Pass Program

Multnomah County encourages employees to use public transportation.  All benefits eligible employees qualify for a free TriMet Annual pass - for all-zone on TriMet buses, MAX, Wes, Streetcar, Tram and C-Tran non-express routes

Employee Assistance Program 

The County provides an Employee Assistance Program for permanent employees and eligible members of their immediate household. This program can help with many family concerns, life crises, personal and work issues.

See EAP page on the Commons for access information. 

Travel Assistance

The County provides an travel assistance program to employees and eligible members of their household. The service is provided through the Standard. This program can help with services while traveling 100 or more miles from home.  Services are available worldwide and can include: pre-travel checklists, travel guides, hospital admission coordination; emergency medical evacuation; medically supervised transportation home; legal and interpreter referrals; Rx replacement assistance, other referral services, and online assistance.

Contact Travel Assistance:

  • United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Bermuda:
  • Everywhere Else:
  • Text:
  • Email:


Health Reimbursement (HRA VEBA)

Several bargaining units and management group of Multnomah County currently participate in semi-monthly contributions to their VEBA accounts. Participating groups are: Non-Represented, Physicians, Local 48, Local 701, Deputy Sheriffs/Civil Deputies, FOPPO, and Prosecuting Attorneys (on a limited basis). Contributions are not allowed on an individual basis. Additional information on HRA VEBA can be found at www.hraveba.org.

Optional Long Term Care

Employees may purchase Long Term Care insurance for themselves and eligible dependents, including domestic partners. This plan is currently available to Non-Represented employees, MCCDA, members of AFSCME Locals 88, 88-2 (Physicians) & 88-5 (Dentists) and members of the Oregon Nurses Association.

Health Insurance Premium Reimbursements

Part-time employees who work additional hours may be eligible for reimbursement of a portion of the employee cost shares for medical and dental health care premiums.  

Subject to the terms and conditions of county collective bargaining agreements, some bargaining agreements allow employees working extra hours (equivalent to a higher FTE for a set period of time) to receive reimbursement of the difference between what the employee paid and what an employee hired in that increased FTE status would pay for the same coverage.  See your collective bargaining agreements for more information about your premium reimbursement. 

  • Local 88 half-time or three-quarter time employees (Article 11, Health and Welfare);
  • JCSS half-time or three-quarter time employees (Article 11, Health and Welfare);
  • ONA part-time employees (Article 10, Health and Welfare);
  • FOPPO part-time employees (Article 10, Health and Welfare)

For specific questions regarding this benefit or for information about how to request a refund, please contact the Employee Benefits Office at employee.benefits@multco.us or 503-988-3477