2024 Plan Changes

Premium Cost Changes

  • Kaiser 10/20 Medical: 11.8% increase from last year's costs
  • Kaiser Maintenance Medical: 11.9% increase from last year's costs
  • Kaiser Dental 15: 2% decrease from last year's costs
  • Moda PPO 400 Medical: 13.4% increase from last year's costs
  • Moda Major Medical: 13.4% increase from last year's costs
  • Delta Dental 50: 1.9% increase from last year's costs
  • Willamette Dental: 0% change (same cost as last year)

Moda Medicare Advantage Plan

  • Multnomah County has added a new Medicare Advantage option beginning January 1, 2024. If you are enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B and a resident of Oregon, you may enroll in the Moda Medicare Advantage plan. Explore the Moda Medicare Plan Summary.pdf (906.7 KB) and Retiree Health Plan Rates for more details on costs and coverage. 

Moda Medical Changes

  • Insulin maximum cost share is increasing to $85/30 days or $255/90 days.

Kaiser Medical Plan Changes

  • Members will get their first three visits each year for primary care and primary care related services at $5 cost share per visit on most plans. Here are some important details:
    • Plan cost share is $5 for covered services.
    • Includes any combination of in-person or virtual care.
    • Primary care related services include naturopathic care and outpatient mental health and substance use disorder treatment.
    • This applies only when you get care from Kaiser Permanente facilities/providers or with other in-network providers. This does not apply when you get care from out-of-network providers.
  • The cost share for diagnostic and supplemental breast examinations will be $0.
  • Benefits for treatment of hearing loss will be revised:
    • Coverage includes assistive listening devices and the components required for a device to function properly; fitting, programming and reprogramming; and ear molds and replacement ear molds. 
  • The cost share for post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) drugs will be $0.

Dental Plan Changes

  • Kaiser and Willamette Dental - no or minimal cost and/or plan changes.

  • Moda Delta Dental:

    • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Extra services are covered for members with intellectual or developmental disabilities:
      •  Visits before the first treatment
      • 2 extra cleanings per year
      • Silver diamine fluoride for cavities
    • Changes to how care is provided for patients with sensory sensitivities, behavioral challenges, etc.
    • Restorative: Crowns and cast restorations covered once in a 7‐year period.
    • Repair to crown, inlay and onlay: Repair made to a crown, inlay or onlay within 2 years is denied.
    • Prosthodontic: Bridges and dentures covered once in a 7‐year period.
    • Implants: Final crown, a full or partial denture, or a bridge over the implant covered once over the lifetime of the implant.
    • Prosthodontic services: Re‐cement or re‐bond implant/abutment supported crown or fixed partial denture is limited to once in any 12‐month period.



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