Multnomah County Intellectual and Developmental Disability Housing Assistance Programs 

Short Term Rent Assistance Program (for Multnomah County Intellectual & Developmental Disability clients only)

Shelter Plus Care / Coordinated Access

Rent Assistance with other Community Programs

Resources for Low Income Housing

ANNOUNCEMENTS!! - Affordable/Subsidized Housing Opportunities and Waitlist Openings

Affordable/Subsidized Housing Resource Lists

Housing Search Tools

HUD 811 Project Rent Assistance

Oregon Mobile Home Park List 

  • These are not considered affordable or subsidized in general but many find mobile home parks to be a more affordable resource then other forms of market rate housing. Some parks offer rentals and others are only available as home ownership opportunities. 

Housing Quality Issues & Legal Resources

Housing Quality Issues, Getting Repairs Done and Weatherization

Legal Resources

Tenant Education & Advocacy

Rent Well

Rent Well, a program of Transition Projects, is a 15-hour tenant education program taught by certified instructors in Oregon and Washington. The course is typically taught in 3 to 6 weeks and covers key information and skills for becoming a responsible, successful, and stable tenant.

Additional information is offered on the Home Forward website and class offerings can be found on the website

Community Alliance of Tenants

A tenant membership and advocacy organization that also provides tenant education. They specialize in assistance for low-income renters, including families with children, people living with disabilities, seniors, and people of color.

Shelters, Alternative Shelter Communities & Homeless Service Providers 

Utility Assistance & Furniture 

Home Ownership Resources