Occupation: Director; Multnomah County Department of Community and Family Services.

Occupational Background: County Juvenile Court Manager; City of Portland Manager, Employment Division; Director Urban League of Portland Youth Service Center.

Educational Background: Jefferson HS, Portland; Oregon State University, B.S.; City University, Vancouver, WA, MPA.

Prior Governmental Experience: Governor’s Commission on Community, Children and Family Services; Governor’s Juvenile Crime Prevention Commission; Multnomah County Commission on Children and Families.

History of Dedication to Children

  • Sponsored volunteer program at Humboldt School helping under-achieving students with reading.
  • Co-founder Youth Employment and Empowerment Coalition - employment placement for high-risk youth.
  • Lead Administrator Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN Schools) extending school day providing programs to improve achievement.
  • Founder Portland House of Umoja – residential, educational facility for gang-involved youth.

Vision for the Future

  • Lolenzo Poe will address the achievement gap – effecting children of color and low-income – by demanding rigorous academic standards, requiring on-going assessments, providing instructional time for struggling students and support for teachers.
  • Lolenzo Poe will be a strong advocate for stable funding for our schools and will require accountability at all levels – including administration and staff.

“Lolenzo Poe has the real-world experience making sure that public dollars are well spent, and making government deliver the services our children need – effectively and accountably. He has just the right skills for Portland’s School Board.”

Commissioner Jim Francesconi

“Lolenzo Poe has always rolled up his sleeves to help our kids and neighborhoods, especially those who need special attention to get on the right track. His values and commitment are exactly what the School Board needs today.”

Tony Hopson, Self Enhancement Inc.

Dear Friends,

This is a time of tremendous opportunity to make our schools an excellent learning experience for all our children. I will use my management skills and community involvement experience to ensure that every child receives the quality education they deserve. I hope you will allow me to continue my nearly 20 years of service to our City’s children.

Lolenzo Poe

(This information furnished by Committee to elect Lolenzo Poe Jr.)