OCCUPATION: Mechanical Engineer, Harris Group, Inc., Paid Employment, Sept 2004 - Present

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Consulting Engineering.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Vermont, BS Mechanical Engineering

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Director, Corbett School District, Position #7, Elected May 2005

For the last four years, it has been my pleasure to be involved in the Corbett School District, first serving on the budget committee and later as a school board member. During this time I have gained a deeper understanding of the details of school budgets, budget management, staff contracts, and public school policy issues. As a result of the hard work and dedication of current and previous board members and school staff, we have been able to attract and retain some of the finest and most dedicated educators in the state. The results of this effort are high staff and student moral, higher state test scores, and repeated recognition in the press as an exceptional school in the metro Portland area. It is my desire to see this tradition of excellence continue and to work to ensure all Corbett School students have the best possible public education.

School funding and escalating cost issues continue to be of primary concern to the district. The district has made cuts in staffing every year I have been involved in the district. Most recently, funding for sports programs was significantly reduced. I am excited to see the way parents, community members, staff, and students have pulled together to fill the holes that have been created due to these cuts. For the upcoming budget cycle, the district will be faced with making additional cuts to balance costs and revenue streams. If I am elected, I will work to ensure our programs are run as efficiently as possible, and that budgets are managed in a way that does not reduce the quality of education students receive in our district.

Please vote for me, Mark Hyzer as an advocate for quality public education in Corbett.

(This information furnished by Mark Hyzer)

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